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Financial Aid Appeals

November 1:  Deadline for Spring  semester.

March 1:  Deadline for Summer semester.

July 15:  Deadline for submitting an appeal for Fall semester.


Student Document Status

Processing time for financial aid files is 8 to 10 business days from the date the student turns in ALL required documents without any missing or incomplete items.

Students must be prepared to pay their fees to hold their class schedule and receive any eligible financial aid as a reimbursement.


Important Dates

Visit the Financial Aid website for more important dates (


Summer Semester:

Accessing Financial Aid for Summer Semester

As students register for summer classes the financial aid office will award summer aid to eligible students. Anticipate 4 to 7 working days from the date you register for summer classes to determine your eligibility.

What determines my eligibility for summer aid?

- You must be in a GOOD or NEW academic progress status (refer to your TigerWeb for your current academic progress status relating to financial aid).

- Current students must have remaining aid available for the academic year.

- New students must complete the 2013-2014 FAFSA and turn in all required documents no later than April 23rd to insure your aid is available in time to pay fees. If your application is completed after this date, you will receive any eligible aid as a reimbursement.

- Current students not in a GOOD academic progress status, including students who are on an appeal for financial aid cannot be reviewed for summer aid until after grades are posted at the end of the spring semester. Students in this group that are interested in attending the summer semester must register and pay their fees no later than May 11, 2014 @ 4:30 p.m. EST and receive any eligible aid as a reimbursement. There is no guarantee this group of students will qualify for summer aid, therefore, these students must be prepared to attend at their own expense.

Students seeking additional loan funds, should submit a Loan Modification Form (located on the home page of TigerWeb).

 May 25th – Census Date for Financial Aid Students Attending Summer

- Financial Aid students must be enrolled by this date (for any summer session you plan to attend) if you have aid available on your account.   Classes       added after this date cannot be included in enrollment for the purpose of awarding financial aid.    

- Financial Aid students that your eligibility has not yet been determined may in certain circumstances enroll after this date and still receive financial aid (please see an enrollment counselor if you are unsure you fit into this category)

- Student requesting loans must be enrolled in at least 6 eligible hours.  Hours not considered eligible:  (1) 3rd attempt of a previously passed class or (2) attempting a development/learning support class and you have previous attempted over 28 hours of development coursework.

Financial aid students attending summer must plan their schedule carefully taking into consideration policies relating to financial aid:

Students are reminded the amount of aid disbursed to a student’s account is based on the number of classes the student is actually attending NOT the number of hours enrolled. For example, a student enrolled in a 3-hour class starting in June and a 3-hour class starting in July may not receive his/her excess financial aid until the 2nd class starts and attendance is recorded by the instructor.

Bookstore Charges for Financial Aid Students

- Students must either be in a GOOD or NEW status as it relates to financial aid. Refer to your Academic Progress tab in TigerWeb for your current status.

- To be eligible to charge books against pending/estimated aid, students must have summer aid exceeding tuition and fees on their account by May 12th (noon) and all fees must be paid no later than noon May 12th.

- Students with excess aid may use the confirmation process to pay fees (refer to the financial aid website for step-by-step instructions on how to confirm your attendance/pay your fees).

- Students eligible to charge books against pending/estimated aid will have a message posted on their Financial Aid Status Page in TigerWeb on the afternoon of May 12th.

- May 13th starting at 1:00 pm through May 17th – dates eligible students may charge books against pending/estimated      aid

 Disbursement/payment of financial aid

- First available funds for summer aid will be no later than May 29th close of business.  Aid is based on the number of classes the student is attending.   After May 29th the disbursement of eligible aid will be processed on a weekly basis each Wednesday (no later than the close of business) to the student’s account.

- Fee deferments are not available in the summer.

 Please refer all questions to or visit the Enrollment Service Center.


Paying Your Fees

All Financial Aid Students must pay fees using pending/estimated aid every semester.

Students may follow the steps located on the financial aid website to pay their fees and hold their class schedule.  (

Students that do not receive a confirmation number and are directed to pay fees, either do not have enough aid to cover their fees due or they have not yet been awarded financial aid.  Students should review their financial aid awards before attempting to pay fees to insure they have enough aid to pay fees.  Failure to pay fees will result in the student being deleted from classes. 


Student Communication

 Primary Source used to communicate to Financial Aid Students:

Chattanooga State TigerMail Account

'Active Messages' located on Financial Aid Status Page

Upcoming emails from financial aid office:

Weekly Reminder Emails if students have incomplete or missing items needed for their financial aid application.



Lifetime Federal PELL Grant Limit - Students eligible for the Federal PELL Grant will only receive a maximum of 12 full-time PELL Grant Awards. The amount includes the students entire educational career (past, present and future). Students planning to transfer and pursue a bachelor's degree must carefully consider their class schedule to insure they have aid remaining to complete their degree.

Limit on developmental classes - Students cannot receive financial aid for a developmental class, IF the student has already attempted 30 hours of developmental classes.  Example: Student has attempted 33 developmental hours, currently enrolled in 9 hours (3 are for a developmental class) - student will be awarded aid for 6 hours.

Limit on Repeating Classes - Students cannot receive financial aid for a 3rd attempt of a passed class.  Example:  Student previously passed ENGL 1010 with a D, the class will be included for financial aid awarding for a 2nd attempt, however, if the student attempts the same class a 3rd time the class will not be included when awarding financial aid.  A 'W' (withdrawal) is not considered as an attempt for the purpose of this new federal policy.  The new federal policy does not change or impact how the institution processes withdrawals, or how state awards are impacted by dropping or withdrawing from a class.

Limit on subsidized loans - Effective July 1, 2013 a first-time student loan borrower is eligible for Direct Subsidized Loans up to 150% of the published length of the borrower’s current educational program. For example, a student pursuing a 2-year associate degree may only receive a Direct Subsidized Loan for 3 years (150% of their program). Students may still be eligible for the interest rate associated with a subsidized loan after the 3 year period, however, they will not benefit from the deferral of the interest accruing while attending school.


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